Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorney in Greenville, North Carolina

You're Entitled to Compensation for Your Injuries

Learn how A Personal Injury Attorney in Greenville, NC Can Help You

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a car accident, reach out to a personal injury attorney in Greenville, NC to fight for compensation. Cannon Law Offices, PLLC has been representing injured drivers and their families since 1983.

Our personal injury attorney can...

  • Meet with you at the hospital
  • Obtain medical and police records
  • Work with experts to strengthen your case

Contact us today if you want to be reimbursed for your medical expenses and lost wages. Your initial consultation is free.

Do You Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

A workers' compensation attorney can help employees obtain benefits if they were hurt on the job, regardless of who caused the injury. Almost all North Carolina workers are covered by the law, but many don't know their rights.

You're entitled to workers' compensation if you're a...

  • Hospital or university employee
  • Delivery truck driver
  • Factory worker
  • Salesperson

To speak with a workers' compensation attorney in Greenville, NC, call now.