Drowning in Debt? Don't Take Drastic Action Just Yet.

Consult a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney in Greenville, NC first

If you've received a foreclosure notice or threatening phone calls from creditors, try not to panic. Creditors use urgency to make borrowers act rashly, but an experienced bankruptcy attorney knows how to stop creditors from harassing you.

Contact Cannon Law Offices, PLLC today to speak with a local bankruptcy attorney in Greenville, NC. Attorney Cannon can walk you through your options, which include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves selling assets to pay creditors upfront, while Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves creating a payment plan to pay creditors over three to five years. Both allow borrowers to...

Keep their homes or cars with low equity value
Freeze the foreclosure process temporarily
Reduce or eliminate their debt quickly

You'll need a local bankruptcy attorney's help getting out of debt, so turn to Cannon Law Offices for guidance. Our bankruptcy attorney offers free initial consultations in Greenville, NC - call 252-355-2010 now to make an appointment.